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Frequently Asked Questions

FDJ Mag is the first female DJ List platform to feature female DJs from around the world. DJs can now submit their own DJ profile to FDJ to promote themselves and get more exposure across the globe.

All you need is to create a new account on FDJ Mag and click on ‘Create Submission’. Follow the step by step instruction and you’ll good to go in creating your DJ profile on FDJ Mag.

You can claim your DJ profile by clicking on ‘Claim’ button on the profile page. The ownership will be transferred to your account automatically.

We have the coolest features available on FDJ List profile. Users can now upload hi-res photos, upload music, mixes, videos and even get booked for a gig!

Yes, of course! A user or fan can vote and like their favourite female DJs.

It is free to use our DJ submission and we don’t charge for a normal profile, but we do have premium features that required payment.

Yes you can. Click on ‘Create Submission’ and choose ‘Event’. Follow the step by step event submission process and you’re good to go.

If you need help with the DJ submission, send us an email and we will support and guide you through the submission process. We will assist you to create a neat and clean DJ profile.

Our admin will review your DJ profile and it takes about 24 – 72 hours for approval depending on how complete your profile is. Make sure to fill up all required fields, photos etc.

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